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Welcome to Maruthath Gardens

Farm Fresh Products - Fruits | Sapling | Fishes

The Maruthathu Farm was established 35 years ago. For years we have cultivated a variety of fruits and spices like nutmeg, mangosteen, philosan, rambutan, wide varieties of jackfruits, palm trees, passion fruit, mangoes, guava, papaya etc.. All these agricultural products are cultivated using natural fertilizers, compost and we do not use any pesticides.

We focus on raising farm products traditionally and sustainably.

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Our Green Policy

Organic Farming

Best seed, Best product, non poisoned food. We focus on providing sustainable food system and treat the land with integrity.

Eco Friendly farming | Environmental Protection | Effective Water Management

Our History

Traditional & Sustainable Agricultural Farming.

Since 1985, the Maruthathu Farm has raised variety of agricultural produce following the traditional and sustainable agricultural farming. We are the generation following the footsteps of our ancestor who were traditional farmers and we does everything we can to preserve and build better soils for the future. We have grown over 75 varieties of fruits and spices namely mangosteen, philosan, duriyan, supporta, guava, red bell fruit (chamba), jackfruit, nut meg, black pepper, cinnamon, bay leaves, etc..

Why You Should Choose Us

Independent Venture

Maruthathu farm has always been an innovative venture. We mainly focus not to harm the nature and be eco friendly and also to provide food products according to human needs.

High Quality

We saw the potentials a farm could offer and believe in providing high quality organic farm products.

Local Impacts

We encourage consumers to educate themselves on what they are purchasing by enabling them to follow eco friendly agricultural methods, to produce organic food products.

Simple Pricing

We try our maximum to provide the best products and services at reasonable value. We provide saplings, seeds, edible fish, ornamental fish etc.

Products & Services

We are engaged in producing and providing quality farm products.

Ornamental & Edible Fish

We are also engaged in breeding a variety of ornamental and edible fishes

All our agricultural products are cultivated
using natural fertilizers, compost and we do not use any pesticides.

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